Monday, October 19, 2009

all good things come to an end

yes. for example the weekends. sigh! I have been sigh-ing non stop for quite some time. It's more like all the time now.

I should be sleeping now because I need to go to school in the morning to settle the un-finished exam papers.

Sigh *again*

The Maths Paper have 32 pages altogether. Yes, it's a lot but the makcik didn't do her job. It's all her fault! Benci betul lah. She photocopied like 18 pages only for 300 sets where in the first place she have to photocopy 32 pages for 300 sets. And the paper is tomorrow!! Argh.

1) i sent the papers for photocopy like a week before PMR starts. Lama sudah tu.
2) i personally reminded her to get it done before last friday
3) i again reminded her to do it fast because the paper is on Monday which is tomorrow

Since its a very tebal paper because of the effing billingual option, I need time to do the sorting out and clipping. Not to mention the pain of finding several helpers and the "bribe" I have to give so that they will finish it fast.

Again. back to the makcik. She! Tidak kasi siap the photocopy part. She did half and pack it nicely maybe..maybe... doing it on purpose because all she care is she can go home early.

No one goes back at 4.15 pm if you still have tons of work to do and you are on a deadline! At least if she stayed until 5pm, the papers will be photocopied all. Sudah la kalau after lunchtime she tend to drag hers until 2.30pm, 3pm baru start work padahal orang lain was counting on her to do the exam papers.

If got people wanna do photocopy on their own, she sure bising also saying the machine rosak cos of the irresponsible hands la and what not. How la? We got work to finish okay!

I don't care whose mother she is, whose relative she is and whose friend of my colleagues she is bottom line .. I am totally pissed off! If I am the boss, I will give her 40-50% marks for her appraisal. or even better suruh quit kerja saja.

Everyone has their own "lazy" time at work but she practically having her "lazy" time like all the time. I am so fcuking mad.

Certainly all good things come to an end after this weekend. Hello stupid monday!


Mas Light said...

Happy Monday! ;) I hope monday would be better for everyone this time of the week XD

Oh yeah, and the other day, the time when I said I saw you at 1b, takut salah urang XD tulah x tertegur tu XD

TaQuiLa said...

lek ko moi..mmg bikin panas la juga the macik det.

happy monday :))

Dazeree Joan said...

nice.. ba bila kita mo buat cover bsama ni? ;P

Joan said...

bah.bulih ba daz.kita nyanyi di bilik guru and rakam pun boleh..hehe