Friday, October 16, 2009


I realized that I don't blog like I did a few years back. I mean, uhm. the content are much filtered out now compared to then when I used to pour out everything what's on my mind.

I lost my mojo I guess. Gah!

Rants and ramblings are a common thing on a personal blog. How I wish I can blog like Elfie. *lovin' the attitude girl!*

Ugh. Head spinning now. Weekends is here but am worried sick about the exam papers that are not ready yet. NOT my fault! Totally NOT my fault.

I have done my part but the makcik at the photocopy room is OTT with her attitude at work. Lazy and inefficient. I am totally saving a blog post about her.

My head throbbing now and I am sleepy.

Btw, me dad bought a cowboy hat from Familia@ Wisma Merdeka for RM5.90

Tapi dia nda muat jadi sa curi untuk mintapuji ambil gambar sendiri. Haha!

Cool eh?

An outfit for SBG..

Uhmmm.. I don't think so

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