Thursday, October 22, 2009

RIP Montoku


I guess if one hear the name, the thoughts will definitely goes to the drink that a lot of people "adore".

As for me, Montoku is the name for my dog. Or rather "was" now.

He was one of the 3 dogs that we have. The famous one because of his unique name.

Wogok died early this year. (black dog)...Now Montoku is gone also. (brown one)
Uncle Tua~ the oldest pet at home, is now the sole survivor.

That morning, I woke up to the fact that Montoku is gone.

You know when you live in a kampung area, the dogs are all anjing kampung also. They fight with each other for territory. So did Montoku.

And so, he was injured. It started with a small wound near his ear. We tried to help him and give treatment. But he refused, he even wanted to bite my dad and sister who tried to put medicine on the wound.

Then the wound got worse and at last he died of infection after suffering for almost 2 weeks. A slow and painful death I suppose. Wish could put him to sleep much earlier so that he wont suffer much. Yet, there's nothing much we can do because he refused any help given. He became thin and frail in around 10 days like that.

The last 3 days of his life, he didn't eat anything. He can barely drink water.

I remember that final night, after I came back from my badminton game, went to see him. He was lying almost lifeless on the road. I thought he was dead that time, called his name. He responded by wagging his tail and he lift his head to look at me and after that continued sleeping.

Reminiscing that moment, it just bring tears welling up my eyes now. That wagging of the tail. Its the last one.

Montoku. Rest in peace. 2004-2009

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