Monday, October 05, 2009

Sirens Wailing

It is so odd today, since afternoon, sirens wailing from the vehicle going up and down the highway. On and off actually yet it invokes much curiosity.

I was a mess this morning when I went to teach extra class this morning. My colleague said my hair very buruk. Hmm. Biar lah. Hungry and dehydrated, I didn't realize that I left my first class early by ten minutes. Hehe

Still coughing, my thoughts are so powerful today that I am very determined to go on the treadmill after school today. Lemak bertingkat 5 sudah after Raya ni. Macam kek lapis..

Guess what happened? the temptations of the net lured me and am here blogging. Rambling is more like it. Thoughts sudah sampai but physically I am not on the treadmill. Okay la bahkan..LOL

You-tubing, facebook-ing, flickr-ing.. gosh, bila lah I can discipline myself not to procrastinate so much?

1 comment:

Dazeree Joan said...

sy rsa smua org bg2 joan. yg confess ja kurang. hehe.

procrastinate while u can! haha