Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So the Joan is back

I am back people. So what has been happening lately? A lot. A lot...

*my pink collection stuff has increased. A pink Sony Bloggie is in the list already. *big grin* -mau gambar? sabar ah...

*and so its even harder to find any misplaced things inside my room because
almost everything is in pink. Love the color. So, don't whine while reading this.

Anyway, a very slow post about the mini-all-girls-bloggers-gathering the other day.

it was at Sailors Cafe.
I was so lost with the location of this place but thanks to world wide web, everything is accessible right at your fingertips. yatta!!

Love this place, glad that the girls chose this place. Check out some of the deco on the wall. There are lots more actually but I am too lazy to go around and take pictures. This particular one really caught my attention..hehe

Good food, great company.
It was a great night. Nice to meet you girl-bloggers in person. Things are quite different when you socialize in real world as compared to the virtual world eh? This is the start of a great friendship found online perhaps..yes yes yes.
Keep in touch girls!

I was there with my sister, Amy, she only knows to eat and eat only. Talk less and eat more.

And also with this bride-to-be, bestie. Si lalat putih with her tagline after each photo taken.. " Cantik ka? " .. hehe
Until next post..take care everyone!


Unknown said...

less talk eat more, haha I like that!

TaQuiLa said...

mana ko mo cari girlfriend yang ada tag line begitu?

'cantik ka sa di pixto? hahahaa

dreamChaser said...

ah..this is the girls blogger gathering that i missed.. gosh.. wish i was there hehe..


hopping by,,,its nc the dreamChaser ;)