Monday, September 27, 2010

Songs of camaraderie

Syawal is one month all right, and last Friday I went to my aunt's place to celebrate. I was so surprised to see my 12 year old cousin so grown up!

She look like she is 14 years old already and I was thinking.. " Whoa! where was I for the past few years? "

And all this while I thought she is only 10 years old.

Hah! That was 2 years ago bah. Memory lapse. Signs of getting old.

No.. ( saying it with denial ) - I think it's just that there are too many memories to be stored over the past few years. Hehe

Anyway, this weekend I can't help not to reminisce about the past years. My sisters also joined suit by talking about our childhood memories.

Damn, I seriously feel old.

Those children in diapers are already dating and having girl/boyfriends now. I can't imagine the feelings of my parents or my grandparents.

Damn, they are OLD. haha.

To add salt to the wound, my bestie, Cath, reminded me again about the moment when we did our senior performance during our final year. Lady in black dress is Cath. She is always the crazy one. Hehe. Pics courtesy of Yen.

And it feels like its light years ago. ( padahal baru 3 years ago pun )

OMG! * Yeah, you can yell out another OMG because I was "lighter" then. Ooh here's the video of the performance. Shitty audio though. What to do, technology back then was so different compared to now.

2003- 2007 was for singing at annual dinners for certain clubs/societies in Uni.

2010 onwards will be the years of singing at friends' wedding.

ARGH! I don't wanna grow old!

Anyway, here's a performance of me and Sheila at a recent wedding. Hehe. Funny!


Mas Light said...

*terdistract with the black dress with the butterflies XD

chegu carol said...

When i saw people busy makan2 when u guys singing, i was like..'hey people, look at them! they're good!'...then si alvin menyampuk...'si joan bilang, just carry on eating, u dont have to look at us. just listen.' oyakan juga pula. hehehe

Jesse Tan said...

Uwah! whose taking this video ah? hehe Nway thanx guys for the great performance..Really appreciate it~

lydia1212 said... buli ka tu joan or jadesisters perform during my wedding ^.*

Joan said...

massy.. the girl in black dress with butterflies memang macam tu dari kicil lagi tu.. LOL

carol..ya, sa suruh makan tu..hehe cos baru 2nd dish kan dat time. all ppl very the hungry trinna took the video from our table..No problem bah sing at ur wedding. Kira wedding gift juga tu. :)

Lydia..can bah. Let us know saja. Kalau ngam timing memang bulih saja tu.

Mimi said...

YOu're a good singer!! Bravo!

TaQuiLa said...

huuuuuuuuuu..first time sa nyanyi, kalau perform menari ok lagi .(u made me ONE joan!)

Jesse Tan said...

Absolutely! Such a wonderful wedding gift..thanx again girls! Feel like wanna get married one more time..^=^ phew~