Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vain Tuesday

Just want to show off..

Haha, God makes no mistakes when He made me.

But still I need to depend on hair extensions, nail extensions, hair products and make up.

Well, thats what humans.. (eh, girls ).. do

p.s: Yes thats the pink Sony Bloggie with me. Pics not so great la but the videos are good. Its very compact; I bring it wherever I go now.


Rungitom said...

"God makes no mistakes when He made me."

I strongly agreed lady.

Wish I had one Sony Bloggie too, looks very fun to play with.

Unknown said...

Oh I think this is the 1st time I saw 'JOAN', haha. I have to visit more often then :D

CathJ said...

stunning!! stunning!!! cute... :D

Mimi said...

Cute!! We need enhancer, no matter how perfect we are.. hehehe.. Nice, you have Marilyn Monroe on your wall.. for inspiration?

Joan said...

Rungitom..yeah the Sony Bloggie memang siok- go get one!

Daniel..yeah, I seldom post my own face here on the blog..should I post it very often then? Haha.


Mimi..I so agree with you..Enhancement is the word. Yea, Marilyn Monroe..She is legendary. My idol.