Friday, September 24, 2010

Things that can make...

me go awwwwwwwwww....

1) Pretty Lights!
The northern lights ; Aurora Borealis
Chasing lights..
Just pretty-pretty lights...
Candles..Tea lights.. Chandeliers..anything you name it

2) Cupcakes

Pink ones will be the bomb of course! hehehe.. Hearts..

3) Cherry Blossoms

Apparently these pink blooms have won the number one spot in my heart these days.
Number two is shared by Roses and Gerberas..

Number three is Bunga la..just kidding. No number 3 spot. Just Number One and Two saja..

You throw in any one of this 3 things to me. I am very sure I can be very nice to you. *smiles and bat eyelashes*

You combine these 3 altogether...awwww, I might say YES to everything that you ask me to do.


p/s: I just spammed my tumblr blog with too many Cherry Blossoms pictures just now. Friday is my Cherry Blossoms Day. Have a great weekend people!

1 comment:

CathJ said...

all those definitely can make some1 go awww... including me.. :D