Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I already knew that Thai massage is quite unique due to its nature that the masseuse will pull-pull or fold-fold your limbs.

And the fact that I am going to try one, was a scary feeling.

So, being very paranoid about my limbs being folded and what not. The tukang urut also only ask " Oil" or " Thai ". Oil - aromatherapy massage and Thai - usual Thai massage.

I quickly said "oil!"

Initially the massage was great. Then towards the end, they started folding and what not. Tension creeping up to my head.

I can only remember the thought that I thought I almost die when the tukang urut hold my head and don't know my neck went prak-prak. My spine went prak-prak. My ankles went prak-prak.

Oooh, I hate the sickening popping sound. It felt good after that though.

This is my first and I guess I wouldn't want a second one. I am truly traumatized.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

I was traumatized with my first body massage too! Not because the cracking sound, its because it just DAMN HURTS! I was expecting a massage where I would moan with pleasure, ni, cam mau beranak ja bila kena urut. *shudder*

Gallivanter said...

Sounds like you had a cracking session! Haha!


CathJ said...

aduh... Jo.... I start imagining and ketawa pula saya sendiri...hihihihi

Georgie J said...

eeee.kin takut...