Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm a mess inside

I ran amok inside 3 classes this week. Hell yeah! No joke. This is like the worst week of my teaching career ever.

One homework. One question. Duration spanning from two days to over the weekend homework. Yet, they can't finish it?

How could you not blow up like a volcano upon seeing this kind of attitude?

This is not merely shouting and yelling at the kids but also includes sending rulers, books and marker pens flying in the air.

YES. I AM THAT MAD. I am MAD MAD. ( and indeed I have turned to a mad woman )

All because, in this 3 classes, they didn't do the homework that I gave to them. They didn't even try and worst of all some said they that they lost their exercise book. Owh, come on! The reason of my dog ate my homework or whatever nonsense is not acceptable.

Some merely said I do not know how to do. Yeah, but you could at least try. There's no such thing as copying questions only. Or worst some didn't even finish copying the questions to their exercise books.

When I came back home, I regretted my action for losing my temper till to that extent. But, God help me; you just imagine if you have given everything to teach them and  the simplest thing that they can do is just to finish the work given ( regardless that they get it right or not ). But the students are too arrogant to finish it.

What can I do? T_T


Lizeewong said...

It's been a long time since I taught in high-school but I remember losing my temper with one my Form 1 classes, just like you.

I don't know what advice to give you. Some of the things I did last time was not letting them go out during recess. Or, you could write notices to the parents - tell them how their kids are behaving. Don't know whether your class would be threatened by that.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

phwoar! things flew? hopefully the kids jara la after ur hurricane blast.

TaQuiLa said...

i feel you. tapi, in remedial's lane, buang air liur jak mo bagi dorang kerja rumah, which i never give them any la. But then, i asked them to finish all the works on that time juga. jangan la bagi exercise bnyk2 :P end of the week, bagi dorang test to conclude the whole teaching lesson for the week.

tapi ya la..mmg susa ba if secondary pnya budak ni, nda makan saman btul ba..

ba, jangan tensi tensi..chill out, it's FRIDAY!