Friday, August 19, 2011

Online World Blunders

I chat with a friend recently, a friend from college. Just some random stories lah, then she said that she heard my boyfriend is coming to KK to see me. And said yeah, he is. "On and off, pula kamurang oh kan." she said.

Hmmm. What did she meant tu? The relationship la mungkin tu. I just replied with a " Hehehehe "

Then she continued on saying that she and another bestie of mine said they all are quite puzzled over my relationship status on Facebook. Yeah, I am separated. Separated by the sea. Hehe. Those who are friend with me on Facebook can see that.

Quite a number of people are like "si Joan masih lagi ka sama boifren dia tu?" or "si Joan sudah break ka?"

Facebook should have this new status option - pic source

All I can say, on Facebook, I can be single yesterday, separated today, divorced tomorrow and married the day after that. These days there are no things that you can take word for word especially in the online world. For example, on twitter, some may appear to be very talkative via his/her tweets. But in the real world, if you were to meet that person, he/she maybe otherwise.

Seriously, not all the things that you see online is true. Some I think may have dual personality. One is the cyber persona and the other reality persona.

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Dev Clarehova said...

uiseh... punya bagus kalau begitu banyak option..hahahah... hari2 tukar status... ;p