Friday, August 05, 2011

8TV Ramadhan Advertisement

8TV Ramadhan advertisement, I posted that on my blog a few days ago. I received quite a mixture of comments and remarks from it.

Frankly, when I saw the title of the link shared on one of my friend's wall. It already appear quite insulting. Bah, sudah dia punya title is 8TV ad insulting chinese or something like that. So, I watched the video with a perception that it is already insulting. 

And yeah, when I finished watching. It really confirm the pre-conceived idea I had in mind. That it is insulting indeed! When I read some report about the boss of 8TV said to Malaysians "to chill" about the whole idea and not to over analyze everything - I  became more insulted.

But hey, come to think of it. Yes, I did over analyze everything and hell yes, I need to chill about the whole thing. And it slaps me right on my face that we are indeed racist after all. 

If you showed the ad to an innocent young kid whom parents won't tell them that a certain race may behave like such and such, I guess the race issue will never be an issue. It's just that the programmed thoughts 
( thanks to our surroundings and upbringing ) of a typical Malaysian will make us to react in a negative way.

No one should be blamed on why we can have that negative thoughts or insulted feelings, just face the fact that almost every Malaysians are actually racist. Though a lot of people may deny it, but its actually the truth. If only we are color blind, the 8TV Ramadhan ad is not an issue at all. Well, just my two cents here, don't start sending me hate mail now.

But, hey since the racist  public are outraged about this, a public apology by 8TV is somehow the most appropriate thing to do. Well, urm, since business needs to run smoothly as well kan. 

Saw this parody for the 8TV ad. Funny!


Mas Light said...

*chuckled at the parody. Thanks for sharing. The initial 8TV Ramadhan advertisement, I dun even know how to react. Total facepalm.

Okayarms said...

Hop hop, bloghopping hehee.

I saw the clip, hilarious. I think I've seen her before hahaa. She has a blog rite ;D

Hmm about what you said regarding racism and all. Well, I do agree with you. Even if we are one of the well known for our varieties, but still, there are those who are pessimist. And negativity is always a quick spread disease. I'm just glad I don't get influenced by negative stuff that easily. So, this kind of clip, ya sure, perhaps it is racist. But perhaps the makers of the clip, which is 8tv, didn't intend to make it a racist kind of clip at all.

Well, whatever it is... just be thankful the clip wasn't insulting religion, or there would've been a bigger issue!

Onderay said...

she's kinda hot