Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interesting? Not...

Recently, I found that blogging seems to be no fun anymore. Reason is I don't really have to blog about.

It just hit me, one question. Why do you blog? 

a) is it because you want to share your stories with people, regardless it is will spark interest or not
b) attention seeking blog posts then of course will lead more traffic to your blog
c) or your blog is practically an online diary to document almost everything in your life

I can't answer this. Seriously. When I started blogging, ideas and topics will surely pop to my head and blogging is such a breeze.

Now, most of the time, it's writer's block.


1 comment:

chegu carol said...

i blog bcos im addicted to the communication created through blogsphere and through each comments made in every entry i posted...but then again, i blog bcos it feels weird not to...