Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Hello again. Again, a delayed post about the new year resolution. Better late than never eh. Haha.

The 2014 resolution list. 

Bravo to myself, almost all done! Yeay, so happy. Actually the number 4 tidak berapa sampai but I count Malaysia as another country. So, it was Korea and Malaysia = two countries! Hahaha. Trololol!

Ok now, let's be rational and reasonable when setting goals eh. Good thing is no more recycled ones this year.

My 2015 resolutions :

1) Join two runs ( still sticking to 10K only, nda mampu la Half Marathon )

2) Get a Zumba Basic 2 Certification or any aerobic/dance fitness certification (at least one new certification)

3) Finish half of my thesis ( fingers crossed until Chapter 3 )

4) I want to see snow!!!!!!! Travel to one foreign country at least.

5) Save money every month ( teehee! )

Bah apa la kamu punya resolutions, share your blog link in the comments ya!


Frydolina Fay said...

Wah, you managed to almost fulfilled your last year resolutions? Congrats!!

Mine would be collecting at least 5 medals from running event this year :)

chegu carol said...

save money is every year in my list...tapi itu2 juga amount dalam simpanan. hahaha

pursue my masters is in my list this year too. cross fingers. baru hantar application.

Joan said...

Frydolina Fay... YEAY! Keep running. Healthy lifestyle tu

Chegu...Jangan kasi lama itu Masters application. Mari2 study. hehe