Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The eve of the day where you get more wrinkles

It felt like a dream to be almost at the end of my twenties and i thank God that starting tomorrow, i still do have time to enjoy being in my twenties. I can worry about turning 30 next year. Haha. Although it started to worry me when all your baby cousins whom you remembered clearly were still in diapers are actually in secondary school now. And your highschool friends are sending their kids to kindy.... Oh man!

I seem to be so immersed with the workload of the first month of the school year. Been busy non stop! Anyway, booked myself a return ticket to Seoul this June. I havent really figure out what i am gonna do there for a week. But what the hell...Just go la kan. Anyone wanna join me backpack?

Still contemplating to go for RWMF this year. Anyone is going as well? The more the merrier usually.

Hmmm. How does it feel to age gracefully? Ah. I dont wanna think about it. Most of the time, all I get is about my biological clock ticking and all 1001 reasons why I should be "productive" before i hit 30.

All I want is to be happy with what I am doing. So, what makes me happy right now is making an impact in my students' life and to travel. So gotta work hard and play hard as well.

Any February babies reading this post? 

Happy Birthday to us!!!!

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