Friday, May 15, 2015

Archer Hair - Clash of Clans fever

To be honest, since relocating to KL, I have not visited any salon here. I have trust issues with hair salons. Yeah, like seriously. So many bad memories when going to random salons without personal recommendation from others. Hair perm gone crazy. Hair cut went haywire. Yeah, like seriously!

I did ask my friend, whom recommended me a salon in Subang. Good price and good service she said. But during this busy weeks I just don't have time to go that far on a weekday. Zumba classes, postgraduate classes, assignments and what nots. Ugh! My husband suggested to me to ask our landlord about good salon nearby since she is a good (also famous) blogger and personally I think she has nice hair.

So, here I am at Number 76. This is the newly open branch in Publika. See how convenient it is. Reservations for slots also can be made online. I like doing stuff online. Not a fan to do phone calls for reservations.  Last week, I went there to trim my hair. Yeah, just to test the waters.

I like the place a lot and I think I should do my hair coloring there too since the product that they use on your hair are also from Japan. I am very particular about the products at any hair salon since I have very sensitive scalp.


During! I have a "halo"

That's the director of the branch, who also did an awesome job on my hair color! She is from Japan

Tadaaaa!!!!  Sa suka!

This color job cost me like around RM370 because it includes bleaching and quality hair butter for coloring the hair. Japanese hair product FTW!!!!!! I did mine last year in KK around 1/3 of the price but the color was not evenly done around my head. Well, for KL price, the product and service. It's all worth it!!!!! Ada kana bagi green tea bikin minum-minum sama biskut lagi. Hahaha.

Head on to to check out their prices and services and also for online reservations.

Hey, I am not paid to write this post okay. Sharing sharing saja.


Unknown said...

Cantik rambut ko kena bikin. Dia pakai kerastase product ka ni?
Ok la the price. Last time d kk, sa perm rambut & saloon guna Kerastase, mmg almost RM400 juga but the result is superb la.

Joan said...

@Dev ... Bukan Kerastase ntah apa nama tu product jipun. but tu salon ada juga la kerastase product dia pakai. Yes, memang berbaloi kan.