Friday, May 15, 2015

BB1M Vouchers

By right I am not supposed to receive any vouchers because I re-enroll to my postgraduate program but starting a new course last February. Somehow, since I was a student in the September 2014/15 semester, my name is actually eligible for the RM250 book vouchers. Hurrah and Alleluia!!!

Been contemplating on what books to buy since I don't actually need any. Well, most of the books I bought were photostat copies since the lecturers thought it is more economical to do that. Haha. LOL

Anyway, I found out that I can actually use the BB1M vouchers at Yes, I don't have the patience to go through the books physically. Online catalogues are the best. On top of that some books have special discounts if you buy online. Moreover, for the books that I am interested in I can check the reviews online in other sites for recommendation and feedbacks. All done sitting down in my study room. On top of that being a first time purchaser online, MPH will give 20% discount off the total bill. Marvelous!

Ordered on Friday last week (8th May) and the package arrived on Monday (11thMay). Super fast! Talk about convenient shopping. Online shopping is the answer. By the way, I am not paid by MPH for this post okay!!! Done out of goodwill.

Also, I got a free tote bag. Cool! I love free stuff

All these books for RM250 voucher. Well, the last book I bought at Popular, tipu sket. Nonetheless, all the vouchers are well spent with the books that I want. Yeay!!!

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