Saturday, March 10, 2007

One with nature!

There is no place nicer than a place that is so close to nature but at the same time you are connected to the whole world through technology...

Yes...sounds of water flowing...breeze blowing softly...moonlight shining the darkest nights...stars shining brightly million years away..the rhythm of nature giving the beat to the ticking secs of the night


Ok2..that ALL are the positive me trying to portray things nicely here..


The sound of water flowing, is the drain flowing near my hostel compound.

breeze blowing softly, because I am not in my room-no fan!, I am outside my room-as in front near the road of my hostel*no wireless coverage in my rum :( *

Moonlight shining..well actually now can't see the moon- the only light shining beside me is the "pelarian" onli.

Stars shining brightly *blergh*...cloudy..can't see a thing...

and..oops..its drizzling now...gotta go indoors..ciao!

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