Thursday, March 29, 2007

I do what I wanna do

Yes.. I do what I wanna do. no one should tell what should i do and not do...especially if it is concern myself alone. I just can't understand why some people so-like "bitches" especially when they are guys. Bodoh ka apa?

The one really obvious that I can laugh my heads off is when peole start telling me not to put the pic in my friendster page. My main pix- well to some people it looks like that they are seeing me naked there. Hmm.. guess there are born in the age of dunno when. I think the ice age people have better view on this kind of art. Its just my head and one bare side of my shoulder for goodness sake!

Can't it even dawn on them that..some pics taken like that are when you are wearing a tube, kemban, sarung..or whatever yang tiada strap on the shoulder..but you are still clothed. This one, they start to jump into conclusions that only by being naked then only you can take that kind of picture.

Not only that, ada some bitchy people start to say "ini sumandak buat hal" or "bagus kalau itu badan lawa". Well, who cares, I glow with self-confidence which unlike some people who just know how to comment- but never look at themselves mirror.

On another note, with just a simple and uncontroversial pic like that...sudah mo bising cam tu. but why tidak go and marah2 kalau ter-pop out porn site ad while they are surfing..well, some people pandai cakap saja but somehow attitude and thinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay KAMPUNG than any other people on this earth.

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