Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool!

Haha...lame day.. I dunno why people like to play pranks on people on this day..I think it is kinda lame la.

Well, maybe for the fun of it la. But I just dont think its that "fun". Partly because on this day I am very sceptical about evrything. Just for langkah berjaga-jaga la konon.

But, the lamest joke that happen today is when me n shirley n lina was walking back from church today. Pass this bus station la. Then got this uncle -kinda tua already..suddenly shout to us n point to our kaki..

"jaga ada lipas!" -Then lina jumped la..but I did nothing coz I expect d this will be another prank. Besides, what so big deal with lipas then. Just stomp on them la. stomp until lumat...thats what usually happen when I jumpa Lili's family la(lipas nick name is Lili).

Realizing it was nothing, lina felt tertipu la. Then this uncle ketawa puas-puas there..

Haiyo...sot betul...tua2 pun got hati wanna kena-kan people like that.

AGAIN...> L.A.M.E = LAME!!!!

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