Wednesday, April 04, 2007

cus dinner!

This are the pixs of the Catholic Undergraduate Society (CUS-USM) Dinner recently...theme flower expect flowers before your eyes for the following pictures...beautiful-beautiful "flowers" the pretty girls(mel, bb, cat, my sis,me, qidong, stella, yen)
seniors' performance
me again...took pictures only dat night..till dunno how to pose lagi..
singing our hearts out...cath bintang melatop!
me n cat while waiting for the very-lambat-bus...aiyo have to wait for more than an hour for the bus to come..lent season memang very challenging la...mencabar kesabaran!
seniors n juniors!
the crowd..woohoo!
the food...for rm 30 n 35 punya price the food ok la..the dessert was nice...main course was ok..but the sotong like plastic onli...not so nice to eat...all in all, food was ok la..
the girls n their guitars...boleh lawan dixie chicks ni...hehe.

Overall, the night was ok la..the crowd was nice, good food, get to see people lama nda jumpa n had fun..the most important thing is the fellowhip..ooh, tapi ada satu jak yang a bit boring..the slide show yang I can say "not so berkaitan"..but biar la...kudos for the effort of organizing an awesome night! Flower Glory :)

more of us!
doi...first in line lagi tu...ketara la godoot (kuat makan)
before the getting ready
me n audrey

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