Wednesday, April 04, 2007

taekwondo dinner!

The theme of the dinner was mystery of art...but I dunno why the door gift was a mask..when I saw that, I am thinking more of a masquarade party... Princess Kelly
The food...sad to say even tho evrything was in abundance the food was not nice at all...sorry ya commitee...dunno y u ol pick naza hotel..lucky i dun hav to pay full price...if not rugi oo...the most strange menu was the onion soup... blergh!
the guys n gals...
pretty girls in abundance

siew lian, seow huey, mun wai n me (huhu..i very ketot!)
me n the TK girl..aiyo i forget ur name la...sorry a
muka bodoh the captain of the team bodyguards!...i like..i like..muahaha
prince weiwen

me n kok wooi ( one of our coach)
Yeah...make me beautiful...hahaha
me n some of the comitee (love her saree)
me n ismail (driver 1 ..thanx for fetching me there k)
me n rachel (driver 2- thanx for driving me back ok)

after -the -party -face
yeow chong, kelly, me, jolin, wei wen
me, dr pok (coach) n ai chin
Ee ling, showing off the prizes that still have the price tag on...hahaha..semua hadiah murah...hehe
Ismail! I curse you to be a frog forever!!!!
Had so much fun that nite even tho the food sucks...not too mention to the "kinda strange" singing performance by me and eng tee..haha..ok la dat..4 years with club and now it is coming to the end time I have to pay extra already if I want to attend this club's dinner..Seniors are obliged to sponsor..huhuhu


Earthy Emily said...

Hi joan! You got some pretty nice dresses. Where did u buy them? Hehe :D

Joan said...

thanx! tkdo dinner punya baju sis punya baju tu..hahaha..baju pinjam..yeng len tu bili la..but of cos u know la where usm stdnts always shop..prangin mall jak..haha