Wednesday, April 04, 2007

persis dinner!

Well, i start my blog with this stupid pictures from the boys who got bored and have nothing to do during after the dinner...Toilet pose! Apa la.. these are the seniors yang di celebrate on that night..veterans of the year..haha..nah muka sa saja yang paling clear sana..tu la kamu berdiri di belakang

the food...paid rm 45 for this...but the food was worth it la..desserts damn nice..except no ice cream la..the main course was nice also..all in all we pay and we get the food for that price la..except tidak boleh makan banyak nanti the dress i wore tidak cantik..jadi boroi later...haha
classic pose..perasan vogue la this..
some of the seniors yang tidak kelihatan for the earlier pixs
king n queen...guess who?

me n astra
ni meja jiran sebelah..yang tarakas
model iklan..hehe

some of the crowd!
doi..ini lamuka paling kampungan..driver wira yang tidak bertauliah...
this is us..trying to be "cute"..akakaka
girls in ss
beliau kampungan di dalam SS

2nd round there...
our pix taken form meja sebelah
andy..the lady...organized the superb event of the nite
before the party..grand arrival of vips in kereta wira..haha
Persatuan mahasiswa/i sabah of USM punya annual dinner...again at gurney hotel...for this final year of mine..almost all the dinner i attended was held in gurney...i also dunno why. But overall, ok was nice..even tho tidak ramai but siok la the performance all..ven tho meja kami kena cakap kampungan..tapi banyak pretty girls sit our the rest jangan jeles..

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