Friday, December 19, 2008

did anyone miss me?


*so quiet*

Hmpph...I guess no one miss me la. Huhu..

Anyway, lucky I have my laptop with me now. First time travelling with my laptop, although it is heavy but now it is VERY useful.

Am blogging this post from KFC in Kuching International Airport. 

Kenak kamek ada kat sitok?

Well. Long story...

Bottom line is December is a busy month, if you choose to travel by air around this time of the year. Plan early.

I just got back from my trip from China yesterday. Will definitely blog about it later. And I actually don't have a flight ticket back from Penang to KK. 

Penang- KK or KL- KK all NOT available until after christmas.

SO, gotta go back via Kuching. Png-Kch, Kch-KK

Itu pun nasib baik sempat beli semalam

Hmmm...long journey back, excess baggage summore.. Haishhhhhhh


Cath J said... nice.. Happy Holiday. :)

sHeiLa said...

wah..u went to china? how was it? u blog about it faster la ar..heeee..and yeah, pix included as well..looking forward for those.heeeeeeeeee..

neway, merry xmas my dear!


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