Friday, December 26, 2008

My travel log

I guess this gonna be the only blog post of mine that will contain so MANY images. blogging starts here.
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Trip to China last 2 weeks

Day 1:
Landed in Macau then crossed over to Zhuhai. Macau was okay, but once I stepped into China (Zhuhai), people are in abundance.

and Zhuhai is a considered one of the smallest city in China.

First stop, some replica of some temple or what. Tour is in Mandarin, can't really understand. Nvm la. haha

The dragon behind me, the scales are made of CDs. Brilliant! and below was where our tour group had dinner.

Day 2: Zhuhai - Panyu - Guangzhou

Not so cold yet, still can tahan. This is the tour bus and the hotel that we stayed for the first night.

Went jalan-jalan outside to see the morning market, see the lady above still use that dacing thingy to weigh things. So old skool!

Below, the uncle penjual inspecting money. Fake notes are very rampant in China. Have to be very extra careful with the Yuan notes.

See the fella below, wear coat to sell fruits. So corporate looking. Haha. I guess it's because of the climate there la. I can't imagine someone in our market here sell fruits with coat and long pants. LOL!
Went to visit the statue of some goddess. Again lack of info, language barrier. My translator also always bingung2 all the time. Biar la, as long as got my a200 with me okay d.

And look for souvenirs which in the end, I didn't buy also. Haha. Just wanna see bah!
Looking for my surname...

Yeah..found it!

Wu or in Hakka: Moo, Hokkien : Boo

and the journey continues...
Next to some garden...note the 'some' word. I do not know the name of the place, I think the garden is Baomo Garden. :p

Though I don't really know what and where because everything is in Mandarin, the English signage really entertain me throughout the journey.

See this...

The view is spectacular. Huhu.. I want my backyard to be like this oh...
Visited Sun Yat Sen's memorial too. This one in Guangzhou already la.

And makan place for 2nd day is here, dunno where also the name but I know they really do have a lot of dishes. A HUGE buffet place that easily serve more than 600 dishes. Western, Chinese, Japanese you name it. They have it all.
Exotic dishes also got, above is Snake Soup. Got crocodile but didn't manage to take picture because I was distracted by this little corner here... Haha

Desserts...see the table, this is considered a small corner for cakes and yummy desserts.
Below is the local beer. Taste= very diluted Tiger. :)

Ooh.. I just can't get enough of food pictures. Roasted suckling pig! Kesian tu babi oh kena buat macam itu...hehe

and then again, the signage never fail to make me smile.. :)
Day 3: Guangzhou - Shenzen

Left Guangzhou for Shenzen in the morning. I was really amazed with Guangzhou highway. They can build up to 5 layers of flyovers which can be as tall as a 14 storey building.

Below, is the view from the 2nd layer of flyover. Guangzhou is the city with the most cars in China. It explains why they need until 5 layers.

Makan time... This one is in Shenzhen already. Shenzen's beer. Tasted the same also. Very diluted. Almost like shandy.

Shenzhen tourist attraction spot has more things to see. I mean it's not merely buildings and temples. You can actually experience the culture there. Everything can be seen at Splendid China. A really nice place.

A miniature garden. It's a pity that the tour group has too move very fast. Can't really see and take pics in this garden. Cute little buildings. I am a giant here.
and then again... amusing signage!

There's a lot of shows can be found inside Splendid China also. But I love this one the most. Dunno what is the show called also.. Haha.

That girl in white with long hair. She can dance and do turns very very fast and tie her hair into a neat bun while doing it.

See...the result! wow...

Peacock. Yes. it's real!
and MORE peacock!

yours truly and my translator..haha..during one of the show.
It was a splendid day at Splendid China.
Day 4: Hong Kong

One thing that I don't really like is going through immigration. Crossing over from Shenzhen to HK is totally a transition from having funny signage to a more proper English ones. Welcome to HK! One thing I don't like here is the people are so LOUD and rude. 10 times more kiasu than Singaporean. I was so intimidated by their loud voice.

Nonetheless, it was my fave day of the trip cos we get to go Disneyland! Yay!

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

me and the cute tong sampah which i like so much...haha
The menu at the makan place called the Royal Banquet Hall, they serve also Penang Curry Vegetables. WTH??

And there are some of our tour group people from Penang ordered that also. Double WTH?? Came all the way from Penang to HK to eat Penang Curry Vegetables in HK. *I am so puzzled*
Fooling around with someone's expensive sunglass.

and of course must show the food, I ate Shanghai Pork Chop at the Royal Banquet Hall.
there's a parade with christmas theme going on also. Very energetic dancers they have, expressions are number one. The joy from their smile is so contagious. Looking at them, you definitely find yourself smiling as well.
Ohh... I found Sheila's look alike in Disneyland. ahaha. Satu kali tinguk ada juga la macam ko Sheila.
More joy and smiles..
This was during one of the shows we went.
Disney at night.
One of the place that they have artificial snow falling, SO nice! and again me and a tong sampah. Hahaha
Day 5: HK - Macau

It was a good day, just that earlier in the morning my mood was ruined because I ter-tinggal some of my baju in the hotel. Called the hotel, they said no things were left behind. *sigh*...Tambirang saja tu, sa tau juga.

So, nothing I can do la.

Went to Avenue of Stars

I saw this...and more stars
This is some tugu. Dunno what also. *giggles*
and oh! See the shirt-less man below.. He was jogging at 1.48pm. Gila ka apa. Lunch time jogging. If he is in Malaysia, I doubt he gonna do the same thing. Haha

after that, went to Repulse Bay.

Got this very interesting can prolonged 3 days your life if you cross the bridge once
Later in the evening, crossed to Macau via ferry. Went to the Venetian. Nice place. Big casino. Mahal lagi mau bagi minimum bet tu. Cilaka betul

and later at night, jalan-jalan to see more casinos, which in the end tidak jadi because was SO tired.

Gluttony at its best.
Day 6: Macau

Of course, must taste the famous Portuguese Egg tart. I was amazed with existence of Portuguese words in every signage available.

Guess where we were at?

St. Paul's Cathedral ruins
Yes. it is a must go place.

Medicine No Fakes
More christmas vibe available in Macau

Am so loving the architecture.
Ooh.. I found Jade Boutique there. The name that I initially wanted to give to my online store. Hehe

That's about it. More pictures will be on my facebook. Friendster ada juga la nanti but sikit onli.

Huuuu.. this is a long post. Tired. Off to bed now. Tomorrow off to Kuching to visit my aunt. Night!


sHeiLa said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..ada juga sa ka sana?hahahaha..sot ba kamurangg

bengodomon said...

That was an end of year with a lot of traveling! Some questions:

1. Information only in spoken Mandarin and none in written English?

2. Did they give advance information on the places the tour's going to visit? If so, that means one could've done one's own research on the relevant places of interest?

Joan said...

sheila. hehe. ada ba look alike ko sana.

ben. the tour that am following is run by a chinese company. mostly people in the tour can speak in mandarin. the tourist guide also basically speak in chinese all the way.
yeah, i suppose i should have done advance research on the places to visit. but i only got the info about the places last minute. dekat2 mau jalan baru tau.

chegu carol said...

when i ikut my mom traveled to china and hk years back...almost everyone in the group also can speak mandarin except me :(. i can only understand little of the language so when this main land china tour guide starts chingchong2...mana lah sa faham sdh. the sad part is, whenever i look at my old pictures of that particular travel, i couldnt remember where or what was it that i visited. sad.

Hopefully can go HK again next time. Dulu teda disneyland bah...huhuhu