Sunday, September 04, 2011

889th Post

Yes, I am back. Home Sweet Home.

As of 1st Sept, 888 post for Joan Says. Yay! Such a nice number. Baru perasan ni when there's an option for a new blogger interface. Semua la upgraded these days.

Just getting my bags unpacked again. Holidays are murder to my pocket. Haha. Biarlah yang penting gembira.

I left KK for almost a week and terus macam banyak juga changes ni. Haaaa...I miss this land too much maybe. Akakaka.

Anyway, this whole week is about catching up with life stories directly or via the cyber world. It has been a while. Yeah, although it was short - it was definitely a good break.

Talking about catching up with life stories, I really felt the changes are going around fast these days.

  • Ada kawan yang soon mother-to-be ( congrats ah hot mamma to be ), 

  • ada ex boyfriend getting engaged ( congrats juga, finally ah, tercapai juga hasrat dia mau bini beauty pageant ), 

  • ada kawan yang kahwin ( sorry to those whose wedding I didn't attend while I was away, congrats ! )

  • Ada friends yang sudah jadi mothers ( congrats and hugs to all )

To be frank, memang saya tekanan juga sikit ni because ada one saying goes "If you can't beat them, join them" - but well, yeah ... palan2 bah kan. ( kasi sinang2 hati kunun ni )..

Ahahaha. What am I blabbering about. Everyone has their life plans - we just have to count our blessings.

Gratitude! yes, thats the word.

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