Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lagi lagu plagiat?

Dancing in the moonlight. This is definitely my all time favourite. 

Well, this is only a cover by the band called Toploader. The original version is by King Harvest.

But this...err..uhmm.. do click the play button please ( don't just read through )

So, the first time I hear this song, it really reminds me of "Dancing in the moonlight"

Coincidence? or is this the best that Malaysians Asians can do? And the next thing you know it will be a hit song in this region and those morons who stand by this plagiarism act will merely say " Support lah muzik tempatan "

One word " Be original! " - Err..that's two words actually. Haha

1 comment:

Lizeewong said...

Ya oh. They do sound VERY similar. Another form of plagiarism kan. Hmmmm.