Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pink Weekend

1Borneo was so jammed up today. Full of human beings. I guess it's because of the IT Fair. Baru gaji lagi kan. So, joining the bandwagon to keep the retailers yours truly.

I posted on Facebook that I have a new chair and Sheila asked for a picture. ( so might as well I blog about it.haha )

Upper left = Hello Kitty Cyber Clean. ( RM19 like that la the price. Giant 1Borneo ) Uber cool coz its pink!

Upper right = A pink smiley face pink folder ( RM4.50 . Kaison 1Borneo ) I bought it coz its pink and no other reason than that. Haha

Lower left = Just some random pink stuff near my table, there's a Pink Gel Crystal Beads Air Freshener ( RM6 lebih de price. Giant 1Borneo ) Tidak berapa kuat the wangi better don't buy. Menyesal sa bili tapi nasib baik dia pink; jadi dimaafkan lah.

Lower right = Yeay, the new chair. It's not pink. Red saja ada. That's the next best thing after pink lah jadi acceptable la juga. ( RM99. Giant 1Borneo )

*btw, just a note. this is not a paid post okay. hahaha. Bukan bertujuan untuk promote Giant ni. Haha*

And why the hell I need a new chair? The old chair definitely adds up more age to my spine. Now the new chair has a better back support. Hopefully it will lessen the back pain when I am in front of the laptop here.

My laptop isn't mobile anymore. It has become a permanent PC on the table. The battery isn't working anymore so I need direct power supply and the wireless adapter of my laptop has problem and it's connected to the net via cable now. This totally sucks.


Eudora Priscilla said...

you really love pink oo.. haha.. me too but not all my stuff is pink la but my blog is ^^v

Jelvy Jae said...

find sponsors..get new laptop kaboh~ hahaha..happy sunday!

TaQuiLa said...

heeeeeee..that new red chair! i had one last time, tapi due to 'cleaning' the room, sa dengan rela hati memindahkan dan memberikan kepada si yon. hot red ba, sepa nda mo! but mine was way cheaper la..heee

well, apa bleh buat la the lappy is not mobilise suda. tu la psal terciptanya pc tablet? heee. jadi tinguk2 la tu samsung tab ka..itu ipad ka..hehe