Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fesbuk oh Fesbuk

Some people survive on sharing political stuff, some people are happy sharing baby care or fashion tips, some people live on watching porn or football matches, some people devote their life to tweeting.

But I guess nowadays a lot of people thrive on sharing photos and videos on gory/bloody/ganas/ and what other shocking things on facebook.

I know being a concerned citizen is something that we may call a social obligation but that doesn't make you a nice person to share it EXCESSIVELY.

Be considerate before you click the share button.

Ada yang suka share balik2 ni. Kin panas.

Where's all the nice things people? Rainbow, clouds, sunsets, candies,sunrise... or cute things like this


JerryInc said...

this is another form of animal abuse! :D

Unknown said...

Hahaha I cant agree more with what you said. They should really think first before clicking the share button.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

tell me about it! ergh, i have enough of dead baby pictures. or grotesquely sliced up ass.

Annie said...

I'm with Manda. Sudah la sedang pregnant ni pun tenampak juga gambar yang inda sepatutnya di FB tu. Yiiii yeee. Geram saya..