Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend highlights

I abandoned everything and jump on a flight to fly somewhere to get my sanity back.

Highlights of the weekend

1) I met Zee Avi

Although initially before the concert, on the way to the concert place, I bumped into her with her bandmates but otak saya lambat register muka dia. Sa limpas jak dia ni. Sudah a few metres away baru perasan itu Zee Avi. Terus menyesal ni nda berenti amik gambar sama dia.

Anyway, it was worth the wait after the concert was over and tinggal sikit jak orang dalam hall. Dapat juga bergambar sama dia. But bukan the gambar yang lebih penting, I wanted to talk to her about the video that me and my sisters to cover her song on youtube. She did favourited the video.

She was like "Oh, you are part of Jadesisters?" .. Then hug hug session lah. So happy! She said she didn't expect that Jadesisters to be Malaysian. 

Yes. At last, bergambar juga sama dia. 
2) Foam Party at Hard Rock Cafe

Yes, an addition to a rocking weekend!

Tapi tu party banyak budak teenagers saja initially. But it was fun lah. Yeah, partied like a teenager again. Bukan ada yang kanal pun. Haha.

Yeap. another selca. I am vain! Haha

Bubbles bubble bubbles everywhere. Macam mandi saja. But this is cheap soap la i suppose made my skin SUPER dry after that. Somemore partied in the foam for almost four hours mana nda kering tu kulit. 
So, anyone wanna go? Bring a group of friends. Or just make new friends there. Teehee! The more the merrier bah. Besides the deejay that night a bit boring lah. If you are a fan of house music then should be fine lah. The latest songs tidak banyak on the playlist.


Aemy Shamy said...

the foam thingy is awesome!!!!! ^^

Jesse Tan said...

eee the foam party is at penang kan Joan? I saw it in groupon but not sure how the party will look like...:)

Joan said...

Aemy. yes indeed!

Kollo..yeah dat one lah tu. I bought my tics from groupon juga. =)