Saturday, December 03, 2011

It is the final month of 2011

What??? It is already December. I thought I can blog more this month but yeah, no long sentences. Just short form updates.

  • Emcee-ed an event where I was cheated with the payment. It was RM50 short. So cilaka! Benci saya!
  • My car got knocked by one lady driver, who also blamed me for not stopping for her while I am driving in my lane.
  • Got interviewed on HITZ KK this morning. 
  • I have a show at Lower Ground, Suria Sabah tomorrow. Me and my sisters gonna be singing at 11.30am. Be there!
  • Raining almost everyday. Hmmm, this is not new though. 
How's your December so far?

1 comment:

Lizeewong said...

I'm curious about your Hitz interview. Apa la soalan2 dorang? :)