Friday, December 30, 2011

The timeline, the dateline

I read in the papers today that the American Samoa islands will be among the first nation to welcome the year 2012. From being the last nation on earth to welcome the new year they decide to change the dateline boundaries and made their time zone the same like the Australians instead of the current American time that they use. So when they change this the nation will lose their 30th dec ( from 29 straight away go to 31st)

Haish. Susah pula mo explain ni. Go google it la see how that date changing thingy really work.

And given the fact that date and time is man made concept that we live by, it's quite interesting when you change that date line and suddenly a day will be lost. I guess this case is almost the same with the daylight saving thingy as well.

Anyway, currently I am in a super lazy mode. Super lazy to the point where to recall about what had happened for the last 3 hours is a very heavy task to the brain. Oh gosh, what is happening to me?

Browsing through my timeline on Facebook, people have started talking about going back to school and how psyched they are about school to start again. Me? I am not even excited about getting up to face the day tomorrow.

Why? Why? Why I'm feeling like this.

The decision whether to stay at the current workplace or stop working is also another thing that is constantly burdening me although the decision have been made. I don't feel the thrill to serve at the current workplace anymore. It's the environment that I needed to be changed.

Argh! The thought of workplace is already suffocating me. Owh God, help me please! Needing some divine intervention now.


TaQuiLa said...

apply pindah sikul? heeeeeeee

Joan said...

sheila..actually thats a good idea. but kalau mo apply pindah bulan 6 baru ada buka application kan? ya ka? tidak juga boleh serta merta pindah..

just persevere saja la ni..