Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hey now now now hey!

Now...I actually do have time to blog today despite the long day I had. I am waiting for a file to finish downloading actually, so I gotta maximize the activity while I am online. Haha.

Some updates.

Yes, I got the iPhone 4S. Finally caught up with the technology. I have zero idea of what SIRI can do actually, yet to explore. Anyway, thanks to my Santa Claus for this awesome Christmas gift. Hehe.

Last weekend as well, I met up with my girlfriends from highschool. We had so much fun, laughing and reminiscing about the past and talked about the present and future as well. I will post up the photos soon ok girls. ( Bah, jangan lupa comment nanti ah, like I said..haha )

And talking about photos, I have tons of photos to be looked into.

2) Cousin's wedding
3) Highschool girlfriends mini-reunion

I am so gonna be busy in front of my laptop. But first I need to post up the cover song that I did with my sisters for Christmas. Wait ah.


LaViaP said...

you can get SIRI to suggest where to hide a body, just in case you murder one of your colleague. SIRIusly, try and ask it. :p

Mas Light said...

Yay, new phone, new tech, jangan jadi macam se, pigi outing pigang talipon nonstop surfing hahahah oh lord. Bad habit.