Sunday, December 11, 2011

I wish upon the Lunar Eclipse

picture credit to Sheldon Japil
May the world will be a better place to live in..

When me and my sisters got back home after our show at Hitz KK Birthday Invasion, the sky was so clear. Apparently it just rained but the clouds cleared and the eclipse is clearly seen plus the starry skies.

Saw a shooting star. It has been a while that I looked up and gaze at the starry sky. When we were little, on a clear night. My dad usually will take out that piece of plywood and let us lie down on it and just gaze at the stars. Siok!

I guess taking time to appreciate God's great creation is actually a good therapy. Me and my sisters had a rough night actually. Some stupid biatch was complaining loudly on top of her voice in front of the stage while the boyfriend trying to pacify her by shutting her mouth using his hand. I guess she doesn't like our song. Well, expecting a pumped up drums and bass from us is like so weird. I know la it's a club but the organizers asked us to perform bah. Complain to them not us.

We play gentle music okay! Too bad some people just don't know how to appreciate it. God bless the haters.

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