Tuesday, December 03, 2013

NZ Trip (Picton-Nelson-Westport)

Hello again. Anyone missed me ? I am definitely missing home now. Ahahahaha. Padahal baru satu minggu. Okay, from Wellington, I arrived in Picton, gateway to South Island on 1st Dec. 

After that, we drove to Nelson (our lodging is there), which was only 2 hours drive from the port. But the thing is we took for granted about the fuel tank. It was hilly almost all the way and obviously it consumed more fuel. Winding road most of it. We decide to fuel up halfway at a town called Havelock but we reached there 7.07pm and the gas station closes at 7pm. Argh! Jadi berserah saja la drive with a quarter of a tank for a distance of 100++ km.

At last reached Nelson and we checked in to our hostel. The next day is all about sight seeing around the city. It's a small city though. 

I love checking out the town/city shops, especially Cotton On store. For their on sale items, it's usually 1, 2 or 5 dollars each. Heaven!!

Next stop is a town called Westport, it was a 3hours journey. But since kami berenti berenti ambil gambar punya then it was longer la. Hoho. 

Upon reaching Westport, the vibe of the town reminded me of Tamparuli. Small town where everything closes early.  By 7pm people are already back home. Shops are closed as early as 5pm (well most towns are also like that).

We went to the local hyper market and bought wine along with our groceries and kena minta ID okay. Haha. Okay, I feel young. Ngehehehe. The stores are not allowed to sell liquor to individuals under 25. Rasa muda la ni kana minta ID. Hehe.

This is Tauranga Bay where we went to see the seal colony. At first it was kinda hard to spot them because they look like the rocks as well. The eyes need some time for adjustment to really differentiate them. Very cute animals.

Am currently enjoying the free wifi here at Trip Inn hostel. It's a very nice hostel with nice facilities that made you feel very much like home. I like it here

The view at the patio while we were having dinner. Okay, now to update the travel journal on paper. Tomorrow we will be traveling south some more to a town called Hokitika.

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