Tuesday, December 03, 2013

NZ Trip ( Rotorua - Taupo - Wellington - Picton )

(Delayed post. Supposed to be posted on 1st December)

Currently am in the ferry to Picton, the gateway to South Island. Leaving Wellington, which is the port where we left North Island. Free wifi on this ship. Been deprived of free wifi since two days ago.

After Rotorua, we went to Taupo. Tumpang the house of the mister'a friend.

Awesome view of the lake from the house. It was like a beach house except that it's actually overlooking a lake. A very big lake! The Great Lake Taupo was formerly the crater of a volcano. It is the biggest lake in NZ. There's also some hot spring we saw near the lake when we went for a walk after dinner. Yeah the sun sets at 9pm here.

The next day was a long long drive to Wellington. This leg was my turn to drive. 330 km from Taupo to Wellington in 4.5 hours. Krem pantat oh!

Scenic drive especially along the Desert Road.

Wellington is a very windy city. It's all about high velocity wind and clear blue sky! Ooh and the Museum of Te Papa is a must visit. It's free admission with different amazing exhibits including a house which you can go in and it simulates an earthquake.

And to end the Wellington leg, we went to Weta Cave. Home of the CGI and special effects for the LOTR, Avatar, and many more Hollywood box office films.

This is where they do the costumes, make up and special effects 

And it look freaking real!

And now we are enroute to South Island. It has been a week and I kinda miss home. To know that my pet, Kapas, also sudah pass away.. Lagi la saya rindu rumah. Huhu.

Anyway, looking forward for the South Island adventure!

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