Friday, December 13, 2013

NZ Trip ( Fox Glacier - Wanaka )

Delayed post (supposed to be posted on the 6th Dec) 

Gotta make full use of this 4NZD per hour internet. No time to waste. 

It rained this morning, woke up feeling sore on my legs. Yeah. Thanks for the 4hour glacier walk yesterday. Had breakfast and after that we make a move to our next stop, Wanaka.

So it is a gloomy day. I am really hoping to see the mountains in its full glory but it's usually under the clouds or it is raining. Huhu.

A 225km drive to Wanaka. That's around 3 hours drive. Gloomy weather makes everything gloomy too. Was singing Christmas songs along the way because there's not much entertainment. Ah, now I miss Christmas pula. Can't wait to be home pun ada the feeling now. Haha

So this is Wanaka. It's a town next to a lake too. A major skiing place in winter. Now it's summer so it's a little quite.

There's an attraction here called puzzling world. With a maze, puzzles and optical illusion to offer, this is quite an interesting place. 

The maze and it's challenges. I think the Rumah Terbalik at home should have this kind of maze too. The weirdness concept is already there. They should explore this idea and try to do it.

There's also a tilted house. I really do get confused in the house (room). Bikin pening o masuk sana. Astaga. The brain tricked kan.

A visit to the Puzzling World and a walk near the lake. A free and easy day.

Stuff I collected near the lake. Me loves!

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