Thursday, December 05, 2013

NZ Trip (Westport - Hokitika - Fox Glacier)

Internet is scarce in the west coast. Boohoo!

So gonna make this a short update
This was in Westport. Bad day to wear sleeveless top. I got sunburn on my shoulders. Punya la. Cilaka betul.

Then drove to Hokitika. It's just a small little town with almost nothing. But it's home for the NZ Jade called Pounamu.
We stayed at Mountain Jade Backpackers place 

From Hokitika, we drove to Fox Glacier today. And went for a half day glacier walk. Penat oh. Tapi siok. Haha

And went to Lake Matheson nearby to see the great reflection effect. Good timing we reached there the water is quite calm.

And the mister wanted to check out the seal colony located at this Gilly-Gilly something name. I can't remember. Then we drove 15km on gravel road just to see this 

The beach seal colony place is closed due to damage by flood. And if it were to be opened it will be a 3.5hours return walk. Lama tu!

Tomoro we will be going to Wanaka

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