Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fragile life

Smartphones and social medias. This two things that can make you famous and infamous. It all depends in what kind of mishaps/situations that you are in. Whatever it is, if you need some instant fame, you don't ever need to hire a publicist anymore. Just do something weird and you will get famous. Or for some reason if you are lacking in anger managemnt issues you can be famous too!

Anyway, one of my students pass away today. It's aweful to know that this thalassemia kids really don't live long. Thank God for Facebook we did keep in touch after she left form 5 but God loves her more. I can see her posting about having bouts of fever since the beginning of Puasa but I didn't expect it to escalate to losing the battle with the sickness that she is having. Rest in peace my dear student, you are now no longer in pain.

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