Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Korea Trip ( the final 3 days delayed update )

The last 3 days in Korea went like this.

We went to the Jagalchi Wet Market in Busan. Since our hostel is quite near to that place, so we just walked. We stayed at Sum Hostel Nampo btw. Awesome place!

Went around the wet market. Huge and massive with fresh and live seafood. Awesome experience! We are supposed to have a decent warm breakfast. But no, we opted to have some Sashimi instead. Hahaha. How's that for breakfast eh?

And also this slug for breakfast. Hahahaha. Because we are weird like this.

So on the same day itself we travelled back to Seoul via KTX. Always a pleasant ride with KTX. Slept most of the way. So comfy!

Our lodging place for the final two days is Ari Guesthouse in Seoul. Very very near to Myeongdong. Awesome location. It's just that if you have heavy luggages be prepared to carry up the stairs because there is no lift for this guesthouse. Ooh, and the nearest subway don't have elevator too. They only have wheelchair lift for the disabled.

Cute kitchen. Me likey!

So, it's a day of exploring and such. Went to Gangnam to be a fangirl looking for all office and production house of the KPOP industry. Man! it is not easy to find these places. You better do some homework before you start exploring because the places is not near some main/big roads. Look it up before you start hunting for one. There's a lot of fan girls blog site which is dedicated to find these places. Google it! We didn't really do our homework since it was an impromptu decision, jadi banyak la sesat. Haha

Then it is a must to go to Namsan tower. Hehehe

The final day is dedicated for shopping only... and exploring more street food!

Jjangmyeon !!!

It rained like cats and dogs during the shopping days. Benci betul! Anyway, it was a good trip.

All in all if you are wondering how much did we spend for the trip, for a week,

Accomodation : RM450

Makan : to your discretion la. Kalau cheapskate style RM10 per day pun cukup. But all I can say if you makan restaurant, one dish is around RM15-25

T-Money for subway and buses enough to jalan-jalan a few times in a day for a week: RM80

Tours and entrance fees: at your discretion too, if you really cheapskate then just go for free places lah. Hehe. But I really recommend the DMZ tour lah. It's really something different.

Airplane tickets: Buy when it is on offer. I prefer MAS because of the bigger leg room and baggage and meals are included. And it was only RM1800 return. ( BKI-KUL-ICN-KUL-BKI)

Somehow, if you are from KK and there's a direct flight using other airlines, by all means, take it! it's nearer to Seoul from Kota Kinabalu.

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