Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Mood Swing

At this moment, I feel like going back to Tamparuli this instant. Hating the view of concrete jungle around. Hating everything. I prefer to sleep it off but this feeling just doesn't go away. If only I could pin point what is wrong then it will be easy. For now, it is a jumble and mixture of everything.

All I see is construction across the road. I have a very nice park within this housing area. But what is it for when things will only last like a month or so. I don't have anything to count on this place anymore. Soon I will be living in a birdhouse.

Not a single inspiration for my assignment due this Friday as well. What to write and what to suggest. Stress made me hungry and when I am hungry and I have to eat leftovers, I hate it. Time to look for some junk food and what other things that could cause constipation, cholesterol and diabetes. Hah. Fuck the world like I care!

Writing about this is making me flare up inside like a hot coal being fanned out and started giving out flames. Totally not a Zen Monday that I hoped.

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