Monday, September 07, 2015

Momboros do Dusun

I for one is not proud of the fact that I am not fluent in any of my mother tongue. I am a Sino Dusun. I can't really speak Dusun
I can't really speak Mandarin either
Such a shame.

And hey it is common among Sabahans Y generations and above to not being able to converse in their mother tongue let alone reading and writing it. Unlike our counterparts in Sarawak, most of them I noticed still do and still can speak in their mother tongue language.

It is good to acknowledge people like Sigu Dusun Les who put materials like this in the digital world. All the more reason for the younger generations to be exposed to their language.

and this video by Jasmine, is so OTOPOT to explain everything. Hahaha. Good job girl!

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kawan! both blood language x tau. tp biar la. at least sy terer BI. haha