Thursday, October 01, 2015

Petronas All About Youth National Champion 2015

I really have to blog about this. SMK TAMPARULI emerged as the national champion for the Petronas All About Youth (PAAY) Competition. Their community project is the Flood Warning System that is installed at the old bridge of Tamparuli. Anyone who has been to Tamparuli know that this bridge is located very much lower and nearer to the river hence it is always being flooded.

The SMK Tamparuli team managed to get through for the state level competition by raising funds through various ways to make the project up and running. The flood warning system actually did make a difference to the lives of the people of Tamparuli and this project actually made them won the national level competition as well.

I know they have been working hard for the past 7 months to get this project going and kudos to all who have been working, sacrificing time and its all blood, sweat and tears for this. RM50,000 to the school as the winning prize and as well as other prizes for the kids. They also won the People Choice Award for being the most favorited team on social media.

It has been a while for me to be surrounded with students of mine and this particular batch of students who are in the team is now in Form Four. Most of them are my students two years ago when they were in Form 2. It is good to know that with the proper guidance and opportunity, they actually blossom to be promising individuals in the future.

Also, it is a morale boost for the school as it has been a while that we win a national level competition. SMK Tamparuli came close to winning the Petrosains last year by winning first runner up. Credits has to be given where its due and of course all of this would not happen without the dedication of everyone. Teachers, students, parents, the community in Tamparuli and the Petronas people.

Congratulations SMK Tamparuli PAAY team 2015. You made a mark in history!

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