Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Online Shopping Joy!

This is not a paid post okay. No clicking ads or anything that can make me gain money. Just like to share with you all about this website that I find very addictive + also a burden for my pocket too (cos I wanna buy them all!)

You ladies should check this out. I ordered my first order last month and I am very satisfied. 

  • quick shipping
  • nice packaging
  • got free stuff too when you buy more than MYR150 since they ship from Korea directly (and for free) for orders valued >MYR150
  • the Laneige brand is way cheaper than the ones sold here in Malaysia (if you are using this brand, this site is worth for the money)

Pink packaging! Love!

Unboxing it! Felt like Christmas!

Bubble bubble wraps! Fun!

I think with Christmas coming up you can just order this and give it to anybody. The packaging is already like a gift anyway.

Okay, I should do my Christmas shopping list soon. 

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