Monday, October 26, 2015

Joan's Pinterest-piration : String Art DIY

This was a craft thing that I did a two moons ago. I am very slow in updating stuff. 

String Art DIY. 

What you need:

  • Cork board / wooden board
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Strings
How to do:

1) I got my cork board from Daiso for MYR5.30 and sprayed it white with the aerosol paint, let it dry for a few days (yeah, just to make sure it's really dry)

2) Print out the desired wording you wanna make for the art. (Tip: DO NOT USE fonts like I did, try to find where it is basic and there is a lot space in between the alphabet, you will know why later. Pinterest didn't tell me this)

3) Start nailing the nails according the outline and oh if it is possible for you to trace the outline with a cutter first so that it is easier to take the paper out later.

4) Hammer, nail, hammer, nail. And pull the unwanted bits out.

5) And start stringing away. Hahaha. I like this part the most. It is as therapeutic as the adult coloring book. Well, doing any crafts is therapeutic anyway. And personally this is way cheaper than buying the so called "adult" coloring book that ranges from MYR39 to 59. OMG right.

6) String, string, string. Voila! See, this is an almost pinterest fail where the words don't really pop out because of the font choice. Also, since this is a negative color design (the color is outside), so the choice of my font is oh-so-wrong. Maybe a positive color design will be better but I am so lazy to change the strings. So whatevs!

7) Now, it is part of my mini garden at the balcony decoration. From a distance, it is not THAT bad after all. Hahaha. 

Ok, happy trying you all! 

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