Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Petrosains Science Show Competition 2015

Last week, I went to DBKL auditorium to support my school in the Petrosains Science Show Competition. This is our third year competing on a national level stage. On 2013, the team managed to get a special award for being the promising star. Last year, the team won first runner up. The teacher in charge of the team is Cikgu Ernest. A hardworking lad, who sit next to my table in the staff room. It is actually inspiring to see such determination in a teacher like him.

Riding on a wildcard ticket to the national level this year is a different feat since they did not win the state title in order to reach the national level. Nonetheless, they got awarded the wild ticket card and they fought back!

Our school won first place this year! The moment when the results was announced, we were just cheering so loud and I really cried. OMG, the elation!!! Being an underdog in this year's edition made us feel a bit intimidated. But we finished strong and on top! Congratulations my dear kids, the team and Cikgu Ernest has a lot to offer for the school and the community.

As for Cikgu Ernest, the last competition that I blogged about was another competition in which they emerged as a national champion. Again this time, another competition; national champion again! Two trips to KL for two different competitions and this teacher bagged two national titles. Kalau next year he is not in the Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang list, that will be a mistake. 

Saya tumpang gembira. I hope I can always be inspired and dedicated like my friend here. He is a real good teacher. Truly inspirational.

Have a good day everyone! Always be positive!

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