Monday, November 02, 2015

Cat Cafe Craze

So, yesterday we did an impromptu plan to visit Purradise Cat Cafe in TTDI just because during brunch after church, there was a cat who go manja-manja at our feet. Then of course it triggered the missing-the-cats-back-home feeling.

Since staying in a city especially in high rise buildings, animals are not allowed, so I kinda miss the feeling having pets around.

Here is the exterior of the shop, the signage is clear and you cannot miss it.

The cafe is on the first floor and the staircase leading to it is next to the 99 Speedmart. Even the staircase is decorated with cat images. Very cute!

I went there with the mister and my sister.

It was on a Sunday and we thought we were the first to reach there, but hey these kids started their day early with playing with cats. There are about 15 cats there. All of them are rescued cats. Some are young and playful but some are grumpy especially when they encounter loud and rowdy kids. Yeah, if I were to be the cats, I will also be hiding when there are kids around. 

I must say the decoration and layout of the cafe is very spacious and nice but to those who are allergic to cat fur, you better stay away from this place because all the bean bags there is actually full of cat fur. Haha. Anyway, if you are allergic to cat fur you would not even want to go this kind place anyway right. So, it's alright.

Manja manja with cats. The cafe provides free drinks of your choice at MYR 15 plus an hour to spend time with the cats. They have to limit the amount of time so that the cats won't be stressed out. And hey, with the steady stream of people coming in after noon on a weekend, this place is buzzing but I guess the cats won't be so happy. Everybody wants to pet and play with them and some people are just ignorant on how the cats will be feeling if they are forced to do something. Give them a break will you? They are not stuffed toys. At some point, I think this is more like cat prostitution (minus the sexual aspect of it).

This is Snowy, one of the cats who is playful but very much a diva too.

It is a nice cat cafe but if you plan to come on weekends, just come early. The place is busy on weekends and it is always parents bringing in their children to play with the cats. 

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