Saturday, November 07, 2015

Binge eating

Current mood: Emotionally f*cked up and stuffing myself silly to feel good.

I come to dread Saturdays, really! Saturdays is for cleaning the house. Well, it can stretch over the weekend or the whole week or whatevs!

I have sort of posted on the wall of "notice" for the house for "gotong royong" chores that needs to be done weekly or worst come to worst monthly. You know those sweep, mop, dust and vacuum thingy. So, apparently living with grown adults is actually a lot harder rather than staying with a bunch kids. Why, because you can't boss them around because they are so used to having their mother cleaning up for them. I mean come on, you can't possibly don't have time for anything? Maybe just one thing done from the list. Just maybe. But no!!! Hell no!

I am torn between letting the house rot and collect dirt and dust to the ground or just do the honor by checking off the "gotong royong" list. Guess which one I chose?

Anyway, I am ranting here just to keep my sanity because I know this blog is dusty anyway and am practically talking to myself. Therefore, there is no one to be "terasa" or anything. On a concluding note, hot and pretty girls are useless unless they can do housework. Ok bai!

#cleanupyourshit #Iamnotyourmother

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