Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Deco Time!

Last year, was the first time for me to have my own Christmas tree at my own house. Didn't blog much about it since it was a lonely feat last year. Read it here. 

Anyway, this year, new place (like again) but with the mister and my sister joining me for the deco session. Putting up the Christmas tree is like so sacred to me because it is the time that me and my sisters treasure and it is like the time to reminisce and laugh about memories we made each year with different themes for the tree.

As for here in KL, I can't really have different themes for the tree as storage is an issue. All those different color deco will need space to keep once the holiday season is over. If the christmas baubles can deflated for storage it will be the best to save space.

Deco time! 

And the tree is up!

Modified the string art at the balcony to suit the season.

The TV also get some holiday theme.

Modified the XMAS letters arrangement this year and hang it instead.

Little stuff in mason jars on the shelf.

and my DIY advent wreath that is inspired from this blog. Simple and easy!

What do you think of my Christmas decoration this year?

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