Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey Krabi

I was in Krabi last weekend (18th to 20th March). It is actually a lucky draw prize that I won during a fitness event last year. A return trip plus accommodation to Krabi. Well, it is for one pax only actually but I dragged the mister along to kasi kawan saya. Also to celebrate his birthday with a mini getaway. So yeay!

image of Ao Nang Viva Resort lobby

Stayed in Ao Nang Viva Resort. Do not ask me how much was it. This is a paid trip remember. You can just google the price online if you want to know. It is not a 5 star resort but its very decent and nice and new. Haha.

The first thing that we did was to check out the Ao Nang beach (Well, it was the second thing). First thing was to check out the dive shops around. Yeah, I finally want to go diving again after my "traumatizing" diving licence experience. The thought of going diving still gave me chills. Really! If it is not for the mister's birthday on the day that we have to dive maybe I would not go diving already.

There were only two dive shops that we checked out.

Kon Tiki Dive Shop and Scuba Addicts. It's located along Ao Nang beach, so it is not hard to find. Anyway we chose Scuba Addicts because it offers a better price. I am guessing because Kon Tiki have an air-conditioned shop hence the price is more. Hahaha. I do not know.

Krabi is not as hectic as its sister attraction, Phuket. It was more quite and the people who are on holiday there also were not as rowdy as the ones in Phuket. If you like a little more privacy and low key beach escape I recommend you go to Krabi.

Unfortunately, the sunset scene is quite disappointing for me. On both evenings that we went to the beach, the sunset are merely like this. (see photo below). Maybe, I have too high hopes for the sunset there. Nothing beats KK's sunset or those two days happen to be gloomy.

image of Sunset in Krabi

Transportation from the airport upon arrival, we took an airport bus which can send you to your hotel as well. And it is only 150 baht per person. Tickets can be bought at the arrival hall at the airport. But do not expect the bus to stop at the hotel lobby though especially when your hotel is not next to the main road ( hahaha, like us; we have to walk a bit). Airport bus is still cheaper though than taking taxi which cost around 600 baht per trip.

As per from the hotel to the airport, we took the airport van. You can find the little kiosk or counters along the roads around the beach and hotel area. No worries about that. Air-conditioned van picked us up from the hotel lobby and it is only 150 baht per person as well. Again, if you want a taxi / chartered car called by the hotel it will cost 600 baht per trip.

image of Krabi Thailand
counters for booking tours and transportation

Food is good especially when you like Thai food. Also to those who are concerned about pork-free eateries, this is South Thailand so there are a lot of Muslim food vendors as well. I would say, if you are on a budget trip and do not prefer to eat fancy or fusion Thai Food (you know the pizza and pasta and stuff), walk a little bit further from the beach front to find cheaper option for eating places. The easiest example is coconut. Those at the beach front cost 50 baht but if you walk a little bit up it will cost you just 40 baht. Understand my point? Hehe.

Thai Pancake Stall in Krabi
Coconut water to quench thirst and do not forget to try the Thai pancakes. 

Tom Yam in Krabi
Tomyam is a must! 90baht *I think

Pad Thai in Krabi
Pad Thai! 90baht

grilled squid thailand
Grilled squid 300baht
And oh for the diving trip, we used the traditional long tail boat. It is a different experience because usually any diving trip they will use modern boats. Two dives for 2500 baht and plus 500 baht for a refresher course. Thank God for the refresher course, it really did calm my nerves down.

I guess I should not have eaten so much during breakfast on that diving day. After the first dive, my stomach went berserk and I want to berak. Cilaka! I have a problem to even pee in the sea water. I have this mental block to pee when I have pants on. Oh my God! The best part is the islands nearby are all made of rocks which are laden with barnacles and of course it is impossible to go and pee and poo on land. The dive master just say go and try to release everything in the water. WTF! I took off my pants and with just a life jacket, I concentrated so hard to pee. Yes! Pee can! But oh! Poo-ing in the water is a no can do, major major mental block and with those people on the boat nearby. I cannot.

Tahan saja lah. Then go second dive. Hmmph!

No, I did not get myself tanned during this trip. When I came back people was expecting I will be darker but no. Hahahahaha. I rarely turn dark. On severe cases, I will only turn red and after that skin peeling like the snake changing skin.

Hat from H&M, Bra top and surfing leggings from ROXY, the scarf cardigan is an upcycled item sold by my friend, sunglasses no brand. Hahaha

Oooh, and if there's one thing that I really do miss during the trip is the breakfast spread at the hotel I stayed. Pork for breakfast! Om nom nom nom.

Here's the travel video of the trip. Do watch!

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